RFS Incident Tracker


Browser Settings

You can manually configure your location by setting the latitude/logitude to calculate distance.

When the details have been set, extra information will be visible throughout the website, for example:

  • On the home page:
    • Distance for all incidents displayed in a new column
    • By default, incidents are displayed closest to furthest (Click a column header to change this on-demand)
    • Soon to come: A list of incidents displayed within your configured alert radius
  • On incident detail pages:
    • Distance to the incident marker from the set location.
    • Distance to the closest edge of the incident (if geometries are provided)
This means you can quickly see which incidents are the closest and at a higher risk to your location.

Set Location Details

All supplied information is saved in your web browser as HTTP cookies. For this reason, you need to configure these options on each computer you intend to use!


Displays the distance an incident is from this location.

Close Incidents

Displays a list of incidents on the homepage within the defined distance from your set location. We recommend a maximum of 20kms.